Protect that power bill with these insulation tips

Hot weather? Cold weather? Either way, there are methods you can use to help save money and increase your home’s energy efficiency. Did you know that heating and cooling makes up more than half ... Read More
Bret Reimann, Stone Passion

Is it time to organize your garage?

Is your garage so jam-packed with stuff that you can’t even get your car in there? Don’t be afraid to admit the same secret millions of other homeowners also have stashed behind their closed garage d... Read More
Bret Reimann, Stone Passion

Your dream kitchen: 5 kitchen remodel tips

The recipe for a quality kitchen remodeling project calls for many ingredients. That’s why today, we’re sharing a basic planning checklist to help you get it just right – and perfect... Read More
Bret Reimann, Stone Passion

Home improvements that really add value

When it comes to home improvements, not all upgrades pay off when you sell your property. Trying to decide how to spend your home improvement dollars? Here are some tips from the U.S. Appraisal Instit... Read More
Bret Reimann, Stone Passion

Taking the stress out of home renovation

Planning on doing some major home renovation work in the near future? Chances are, you're going to experience some headaches along the way. Although we can certainly make things easier at Stone Passio... Read More
Bret Reimann, Stone Passion

Four decades of transforming concrete to stone

Whatever Bret Reimann touches turns to stone. Whether it’s a countertop, fireplace, shower stall or kitchen floor, this three-generation concrete pre-caster can make it all look like granite. Or po... Read More
Jeremiah Stettler, Stone Passion