Bravura Stone

Developed over five decades, Bravura Stone is a revolutionary new product in the concrete industry that allows concrete to undergo an elegant transformation into high-quality stone.

With its name originating in the Italian word ‘Bravura’ — meaning great technical skill and artistic brilliance — Bravura Stone is the latest innovation in artificial stone for residential and commercial applications nationwide. It offers the durability and affordability of concrete, with the breath-taking beauty of stone.

Bravura Stone has been generations in the making. Stone Passion Founder Bret Reimann developed the technology as a young man, having worked alongside his father on projects ranging from an ornate clam-shaped fountain on Salt Lake City’s Temple Square to concrete gargoyles on the Cathedral of the Madeline.

After much experimentation — including testing concrete mixtures on the kitchen stove — Reimann discovered a secret that has made Stone Passion what it is today. His technology is now changing the face of the concrete industry, providing homeowners and businesses with an affordable alternative to luxury stone.

Bravura Stone is available exclusively through Stone Passion. Get a quote on Bravura Stone for your project today.