Is it time to organize your garage?

Bret Reimann, Stone Passion

Is your garage so jam-packed with stuff that you can’t even get your car in there? Don’t be afraid to admit the same secret millions of other homeowners also have stashed behind their closed garage door – a wasted space filled with junk.

According to the National Association of Professional Home Organizers, nearly 50 percent of homeowners in America said their garage was in a serious state of disorganization. Out of that same group, one-third of those polled admitted their garage was, by far, the worst place in their home when it comes to clutter.22444150_S (1)

Sometimes it’s not easy to admit there’s a problem, but it’s the first step towards a rewarding relationship between your family and the prime real estate often buried in most garages.

A great way to get started on your garage is to purge and resurge. Take everything outside and move it to the lawn to survey what items should stay against those that need to go. Your neighbors might see something they like and make you an offer you can’t refuse on an item you simply had shoved in the back of the garage all those years. Easy money, right? You don’t necessarily have to get rid of all your stuff, just organize and downsize to accommodate a less chaotic garage-style.

Once the garage is clear, you’ll be ready to provide a little TLC. Grab your sponges and mop for some serious cleaning. Clearing out the cobwebs, getting rid of grease spots and wiping down the windows will make you feel better about the situation almost instantly. It may not be the most fun home maintenance project, but it can provide a proper space for storage or an entirely new room you and your family can make your own!