Your dream kitchen: 5 kitchen remodel tips

Bret Reimann, Stone Passion

Contemporary designer kitchen and breakfast area with modern white units and stainless steel appliancesThe recipe for a quality kitchen remodeling project calls for many ingredients. That’s why today, we’re sharing a basic planning checklist to help you get it just right – and perfect to suit your individual tastes.

Read on for five tips to cook up a recipe for success with your next kitchen remodel!

1) Plan out a budget and stick to it. Once you see how many different options are out there, you’ll want those numbers to fall back on so your entire budget doesn’t go towards the marble countertops and nothing else.

2) Pick a style, theme or motif, and stick to it. ‘Fifties diner style’ with ranch-themed furniture accents won’t mix well. Keep your vision clear.

3) Don’t move the plumbing in your kitchen, unless you’re ready to upgrade and commit. It’s extremely costly, and it’s generally much easier to work around the gas and water lines that are already there. Your contractor can explain the ins and outs.

4) Don’t skimp on new hardware to save money. Choose knobs that will go with your design vision and that are quality made. The details matter!

5) Try not to have mismatched appliances. When a new refrigerator or microwave is purchased, make sure the finishes match – or at least complement one another. By doing just a little research beforehand, you can accomplish this easily. The results will mean that your dream kitchen is your dream kitchen.

Need more ideas? We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions. Stone Passion would love for you to get in touch!